Reptiles Victoria Area
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Reptiles Victoria Area

Reptiles in Victoria Area20

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PORTABLE PET KENNEL thumbnail image
18 x 26 inches and 16 inches tall - Pet Mate Kennel Cab - Clean, sanitized and like new condition...
Ad Id:40167316
Renewed:November 30, 2023
Avicularia metallica thumbnail image
Young Avicularia metallica for rehoming. No enclosure included. The picture above is of a mature ...
Ad Id:40456254
Renewed:November 29, 2023
Hermit crabs for rehoming thumbnail image
2 young hermit crabs. I don't have a set price yet, if you're interested we can discuss further a...
Ad Id:40456193
Renewed:November 29, 2023
Brachypelma albiceps thumbnail image
Young Brachypelma albiceps, larger now than in the pictures and his/her color is more prominent n...
Ad Id:40456246
Renewed:November 29, 2023
Hognose snakes eating well male and female thumbnail image
Affordable little snakes. Tons of personality. Last years babies: 1 yr Stunning High red conda...
Ad Id:39896896
Renewed:November 29, 2023
Anthony dart frog tadpoles(Santa Isabel) thumbnail image
Only 15 left Interested in raising frogs from tadpoles?!! Very easy to do, a tank 1G or bigger...
Ad Id:39773990
Renewed:November 29, 2023
BioActive Terrarium thumbnail image
10 gal tank comes with light and temp/hydro gage. Great tank for frogs or small lizards. Will ...
Ad Id:40337004
Renewed:November 29, 2023
XL Basking Platform thumbnail image
Extra large baking platform for reptiles. Turtle drying platform 3 piece suction cups to attach...
Ad Id:40399264
Renewed:November 29, 2023
Dwarf isopods thumbnail image
Dwarf whites and dwarf purples. $10 for culture of approx 15 isopods.
Ad Id:39461623
Renewed:November 27, 2023
Ball python thumbnail image
Meet Jack, a 7 yr old ball python. I got him when he was 3. He has never bitten, hissed, or struc...
Ad Id:40448043
Posted:November 24, 2023
Bark Scorpion Communals! thumbnail image
Hi all, I am happy to be offering a deal on Brazilian Bark Scorpion (Tityus Stigmurus) Communa...
Ad Id:40436049
Renewed:November 18, 2023
Exo Terra small tall terrarium thumbnail image
Clean screen with back wall (18" x 18" x 24") Also have a second terrarium with cracked floor $8...
North Saanich
Ad Id:40432286
Posted:November 15, 2023
Baby bearded dragons thumbnail image
Born August 7th. All ready to go to new homes. Please do your research and ask questions before...
Ad Id:40425604
Renewed:November 12, 2023
Exo Terra reptile feeding dish thumbnail image
ExoTerra replete feeding dish Feeding Dish Exo Terra’s Feeding Dishes have a very natural and re...
Ad Id:40423988
Renewed:November 11, 2023
4 year old dragon thumbnail image
female ready for re-homing
Ad Id:40421770
Renewed:November 10, 2023
Bearded Dragon thumbnail image
Looking to re home a three-year Bearded Dragon. she comes with tank.
Ad Id:40288044
Renewed:November 9, 2023
Reptile Terrarium thumbnail image
*Posting for a friend* My friend lost her Breaded Dragon so she is selling her terrarium and al...
Ad Id:40418456
Posted:November 8, 2023
2017 Male Normal Stripe KSB 100% het Anery thumbnail image
Meet Badger! He's been enjoying the pet snake life since I purchased him in 2017 at just over a m...
Ad Id:39252823
Renewed:November 6, 2023
Couple pac-man frogs thumbnail image
$80 each both tans eating well
Ad Id:40410912
Renewed:November 4, 2023
Western hognose baby snakes thumbnail image
Stunning albino conda males and females. Value $750 on sale $400-$450 each One normal conda male...
Ad Id:40410907
Posted:November 4, 2023
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