Journalism, Broadcasting & Publishing Victoria Area
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Journalism, Broadcasting & Publishing Victoria Area
$200 · Opinion writer- Journalist

We want to hire people who have guest posting experience. ClearwayLaw is an online legal marketplace that is working hard to make it easier for the public to find a lawyer. We currently have over 130,000 lawyers on our website, with operations in Canada, the UK, and Ireland. We are working on the lawyer accountability issue, and also working on the issue of many lawyers not making much money. Our company was co-founded by someone who build a unicorn Vancouver legal technology company. We already have three content writers, and we are looking for one or two full-time writers with media guest posting experience (op-ed) experience. The job can be part-time or full-time. See this guide in the New York Times about what makes a good op-ed writer. It’s not easy, so be honest with yourself before applying. More than just blog posting These two individuals will not just have blog posting experience but will have a track record of getting featured with guest submissions to the media. We are not looking for blog writers, but more people that can produce content that editors at major media would be interested in publishing (Toronto Star, Vancouver Sun… etc.) The candidates should understand the process and criteria that editors use when evaluating an op-ed submission. This job can be done by working from home, and we are open to anyone who can speak and write English well. You should be located in Canada or the UK, as understanding local news is important. Conditions apply. It’s a major plus if you have connections with media editors. ClearWay’s purpose is to customize, personalize, and humanize the experience of connecting the right person in need with the right law professional. Jobs- Op-Ed Writer As an op-ed writer, you will learn about the law, and summarize what you learned for the public, with a strong opinion in an interesting way. You do not need to be a legal expert or lawyer. Clearway creates content on topics the public finds interesting, such as celebrity divorces or lawsuits (like the Johnny Depp lawsuit.) The candidate needs to be able to write articles in a time-sensitive way when major legal news comes out (if a celebrity is arrested etc.) Please reach out to us on the ClearwayLaw website and share with us a few URLs that you have written for large media (not small blogs please.) We will be asking for links to your articles in the media, so please dig them up. You can either post under your own name or be a ghostwriter.

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December 12, 2022
March 13, 2023
June 11, 2023
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