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Position: The Royal Canadian Legion Br #91 Full-Time /Part -Time Bartender Needed by July 22,2023 approx. Salary- Negotiable Reports to: Senior Bartender Duties and Responsibilities as Listed Hereunder 1. Hours of work to be determined on a “pay period” basis (two [2] times per month) by the Manager/President. 2. When scheduled to open the lounge in the morning, report for work one-half (½) hour before opening to ensure everything is ready for the official opening hour. 3. Adhere strictly to the opening and closing hours of operations as laid down by the Branch Executive Committee. 4. Ensure adequate back-up stocks and supplies are always available. Advise the Senior Bartender of any immediate or additional requirements. 5. Exercise responsibility for bar stock during his/her shift; ensure the liquor/sundry lock-up is properly secured at all times. 6. Ensure security access to the building is maintained by scrutinizing those persons requesting entry. 7. The lounge is reserved for our members, their guests, and visiting members and their guests. 8. Provide customer service in a responsible, professional, friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Adhere to the Branch dress code for all customers and for self. 9. Ring in sales immediately after disbursement of products to customer. Accept payment, operate cash register and make change as necessary. 10. Maintain a clean and uncluttered bar at all times. Ensure the cooler(s) is kept in a neat, clean and uncluttered condition at all times. Ensure the bar refrigerator is kept adequately stocked. 11. Accept membership dues including providing the member a receipt; place an “Out-of-Order” sign on the pull-tab machine and/or the ATM should it be required; provide lottery sales; and provide lottery payout service to the allowable limit of $300.00 if sufficient funds are available. Any winnings over $400.00 must be paid by cheque from the office.Retains ticket or pull-tab as a receipt; punch or mark pull-tab at time of cashing to avoid recycling. 12. Table service is required at all tims unless business at the bar dictates otherwise. Remove empty glasses, bottles, and if necessary, kitchen dishes/cutlery from the tables. Wipe down tables/chairs as required and once patrons leave, ensure tables/chairs are clean and ready for occupancy. 13. Must inform the Senior Bartender, the Executive Bar Officer when conduct or discipline problems arise involving customer behaviour. Complete an incident report on the form provided. 14. Bartenders are not permitted to sit down with patrons while on duty. 15. Under no circumstances, are alcoholic beverages to be consumed while on duty. 16. Under no circumstances are bartenders allowed to participate in any gaming events (ie: pull-tabs, meat draws, 50/50 draws, etc) in Branch 91 while employed by Branch 91. 17. When on evening shift, complete a check of all areas of the building to ensure lock-up, fire check and lights-out before setting building alarm and departing.

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