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$300 · Gentle German Shepherd Cross

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Bear is approximately 5 years old, neutered, fully vetted and has all his shots. His disposition is that of a chill kind of guy, he's had no issues with people or kids and even shared his kiddy pool in the summer with two kids. This boy likes his pool and summer time he will need one! He's not a fan of cats and I'm not sure about squirrels or rabbits. I've had him near chickens in a pen and he looked at them and then moved on. He will alert if he hears anything in the trees around my property. He's a big boy of about 115 pounds, laid back but not a push over. He isn't the kind of boy that will start a fight but if a dog goes after him, he will answer the bell. It appears he's had no training thus far and he's definitely not leash trained. Basically he was an outside dog that didn't have any structure in his young life. He's smart and is eager to learn and please. I can't claim he's housebroken but he's never gone to the bathroom in my house. I let him out a lot and he's great with doing his business outside. He's not a demanding dog at all and is happy to be curled up on a dog bed while you watch TV. He's never tried to go on furniture and is very happy with a dog bed. He's now crate trained and because of his size, he needs the big 4 footer. He sleeps in a crate at night and any time I need to leave the house. He's very quiet in the crate and just chills out and sleeps. He travels great and will stand up for a few seconds and then just lays down and enjoys the ride. Bear has lived with other dogs in the past and was introduced to a new dog here and he did fine. The other dog was fine for all the outside introductions and was okay for the home orientation but the other dog got cranky when Bear got close to one of the many areas the resident dog sleeps on and the other dog went after him. He's a very sweet dog and everyone that meets him melts over his personality. He certainly enjoys the space I have here and yet he's not glued to me 24/7. He will lay off in the distance to chill and yet he always has his eyes on me. Bear could live in two different worlds. One world that allows him a lot of space to explore and doesn't really need to go off property without good obedience and another world where his adopters would spend the time teaching him basic obedience. If Bear seems like the kind of guy for your lifestyle, commitment and household, please get in touch.

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October 11, 2023
February 14, 2024
March 15, 2024
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