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Small Pets Victoria Area
$600 · Winston the hedgehog

Let me start by saying I am not in any super rush to rehome him, he is my special little guy. However, as my new potential home is not pet friendly, I have to rehome my Winston aka Winny woo, as my circumstances are changing and I am unable to bring him with me if I choose this new place. He is a special boy, he is an African pygmy hedgehog who has just turned two years old. However like all hedgehogs, he is a big grump and does things his way. I am looking for someone with my girlfriend who will rehome Winston and give him the few years of his life full of love and commitment as I have done. There is a modest 600 dollar commitment rehome fee, as i do not wish for him to go to someone who cannot afford him, as hedgehogs alone are 300 dollars/if you can find one, I feel its a fair offer to request considering his wheel and cage alone was 500. He also comes with two custom made, changing clothes that are used for the bedding, as they are machine washable, which saves a lot of money on bedding(They alone costed 120). He also comes with a custom blacklight heatlamp and stand (valued at 110) and a snuggle sack. He also comes with as mentioned special 4 foot cage from living world, an expensive hedgehog friendly wheel, water container and food dish and he will come with a bag of his normal food as it isnt wise to switch their food unless absolutely necessary. We are looking for someone who can afford to have a medium maintenance small animal, who will have the time to socialize with him. It would be amazing if we can find someone with proper education of hedgies so I wouldn't have to worry about where he is going. If you think you fit his needs, feel free to text my number below, I will be responding emails preferably. NOTE - Will be uploading photos soon

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January 1, 2023
April 1, 2023
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