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All categories Victoria Area
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Halibut double skirt rigs thumbnail image
Halibut fat double skirt rigs We have a new heavy duty J hooks. 250 test pound line mono leader. 350 test pound swivals One J hook and one c...
Ad Id:39423780
Posted:March 3, 2022
deep six plane thumbnail image
If you want to trolling for salmon or trout fishing, you don't have a downrigger . You need the plane. If you have a kayak or a small boat. You don'...
Ad Id:35377336
Posted:February 14, 2020
Halibut rigs thumbnail image
Halibut rigs . 250 test pound mono line 350 test pound swivals 2 x single 12/0 octopus hooks 1 x 7.5 double skirt hootchy 1x 9" hootchy. All ...
Ad Id:39463551
Posted:March 30, 2022
Pre hatchery thumbnail image
I set up my new business for the tropical dish hatchery. I changed my minded. I don't want to breeding the fish. I m selling them. 1 x 120 gal 48...
Ad Id:39959667
Posted:February 26, 2023
flashers thumbnail image
I have more than 100 used flashers . They are good in shape to use fishing. They work very well. They are $ 5.00 each. Firm. Located Langford
Ad Id:38887105
Posted:May 12, 2021
bucktail thumbnail image
See the pictures. Unoped package bucktail $5.00 each Flash bucktail $ 4.00 each Fat bucktail $5.00 each Opened package bucktail for $...
Ad Id:36170593
Posted:July 31, 2020
No image, showing placeholder.
I have about 60 brand new halibut rigs. 250 test pound mono line 2 x 10/0 J hook 350 test pound swivals 9" hootchy The beeds are glow. Re...
Ad Id:39514903
Posted:May 3, 2022
Brand new  halibut rigs thumbnail image
I have about 60 brand new halibut rigs. 250 test pound mono line 2 x 10/0 J hook 350 test pound swivals 8" hootchy Hoitchies are glow The b...
Ad Id:39514900
Posted:May 3, 2022
Halibut killer  9" purple haze hootchy thumbnail image
The halibut killer 9" UV purple haze is so popular. I have only 50 UV purple haze halibut rigs left. 250 test pound mono line. 3 x 350 test poun...
Ad Id:36009756
Posted:June 30, 2020
Plano 8606  tackle box thumbnail image
I have 4 tackle boxes. They are very good in condition. They are $ 35 each The blue box for $ 45 because it s fairly new. If you buy fishi...
Ad Id:39451477
Posted:March 21, 2022
Halibut killer 8.5" hootchy comes with 2 single circle hooks thumbnail image
I have new halibut killer rigs 250 lbs mono line. 3 x 250 lbs swivals 2 x 16/0 Mustad circle hooks. All glow beams All 8.5" hootchies . In the ...
Ad Id:35890708
Posted:June 7, 2020
5 oz lures thumbnail image
The special sale in a limited time. They are 5 oz jig lure. Its $6.00 each L
Ad Id:35476492
Posted:March 3, 2020
Halibut killer  8.5" hootchy come with 2 single J  hooks thumbnail image
I have new halibut killer rigs 250 lbs mono line. 1 x 250 lbs swivals 2 x single 14/0 J hooks. All glow beads All 8.5" hootchies . All are glow bu...
Ad Id:35912072
Posted:June 11, 2020
halibut rigs thumbnail image
I have lot of brand new halibut rigs. 250 test pound line. 300 test pound swivals 16/0 octopus hooks 8.5 - 9" hootchy. $10.00 each firm.
Ad Id:37453552
Posted:April 18, 2021
6" Squid thumbnail image
I have about 37 squids left. There are 6" long. I have 10 colors . The electric UV is sold out. They are UV and glow. See the pictures. The green...
Ad Id:39478872
Posted:April 8, 2022
Halibut  rigs thumbnail image
The halibut rigs. 250 test pound mono line 250 test pound swivals 16/0 circle hook , 10/ J hook , 10/ octopus hooks and 8/0 triple hooks. The ...
Ad Id:38967890
Posted:June 6, 2021
2 in 1 halibut killer thumbnail image
It is my idea about a new product. It's called 2 in 1 halibut killer. You can put the 2lbs cannonball on the invisible spread bar (the extra line)....
Ad Id:35837116
Posted:May 27, 2020
New lead cannonballs thumbnail image
They are new lead cannonballs. It's $ 3.00 per a pound. 2 lbs ball for$ 7.00 each 3 lbs ball for $ 10.00 each. Located Langford. Pick up...
Ad Id:39611003
Posted:July 7, 2022
Halibut  combo thumbnail image
We have a halibut combo is a good deal. 1 x 2 lbs cannonball. 1 x 20" x 9" spread bar. 1 halibut rigged. Your cherry picking. For $ 25.00 ...
Ad Id:40144803
Posted:June 17, 2023
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