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All categories Victoria Area
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We are a successful & growing local moving company in Victoria, looking for people to join the company ! We are happy to pay $25 per hour for the rig...
Ad Id:40678606
Posted:April 19, 2024
High Quality Excavation & Landscaping Services thumbnail image
Hello Victoria: we are a local company that have been very successful for many years now helping home owners & business's with Excavating & Landscap...
Victoria Area
Ad Id:35243858
Posted:January 19, 2020
High Quality Arbour Guard Fencing thumbnail image
For anyone interested in having a unique kind of fencing built for their yard, you have spotted the right ad ! Arbour Guard Fencing is a no mainte...
Ad Id:39978904
Posted:March 12, 2023
Excellent Used Front Load Dryer's - Just Like New thumbnail image
For anyone looking for a great used Front Load Dryer at exceptional value, you certainly are in luck ! We have a couple of nice large capacity fro...
Ad Id:37089566
Posted:February 5, 2021
High Quality Banister & Staircase Installation thumbnail image
Hello Victoria & if you are needing any licensed carpentry expertise in building or repairing any kind of Banister or a new Staircase in your home or ...
Ad Id:40619933
Posted:March 14, 2024
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Hello Victoria & if you are needing a hand in the near future getting rid of things, then you will be thrilled with our services & with our prices too...
Victoria Area
Ad Id:39523704
Posted:May 9, 2022
High Quality Moving Services - Local Moving & Short Haul Loads thumbnail image
For anyone in the Vancouver area looking to hire a Professional Local Moving Company @ Great Rates for all types of Moving such as Household Furniture...
Ad Id:31768661
Posted:May 23, 2018
Excellent One Piece Stackable Washer & Dryer - Just Like New thumbnail image
We are located in Victoria but we have a very nice 1 Piece Stackable Washer & Dryer Unit for sale that you won't want to pass up ! We think it will b...
Nanaimo Area
Ad Id:32097693
Posted:August 1, 2018
Excellent Large Capacity Washing Machine - Just Like New thumbnail image
We are located in Victoria & are selling a wonderful used Heavy Duty, Extra Capacity Washing Machine that might just fit the bill for you...& be wel...
Nanaimo Area
Ad Id:32097664
Posted:August 1, 2018
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For anyone in Victoria that is looking to have some Interior Painting done in their home of any kind, we hope you will consider our High Quality Paint...
Victoria Area
Ad Id:31793328
Posted:May 28, 2018
High Quality Stone Masonary Services thumbnail image
Hello Victoria ! For anyone interested in having any Stone Masonsary Work done at your home such as Flagstone Walkway's, Stone Walls, Retaining Wall...
Victoria Area
Ad Id:33324748
Posted:May 8, 2019
Exterior House Painting Services thumbnail image
Hello Victoria, If you are planning on getting the Exterior of your Home Painted in the near future, we sure think we are worth a quote ! With m...
Victoria Area
Ad Id:36146934
Posted:July 26, 2020
High Quality Drywall Service - Specializing in Boarding thumbnail image
We have been very successful for many years now in Victoria helping people with their Drywall projects, especially when it comes to Boarding ! No mat...
Victoria Area
Ad Id:35695616
Posted:April 23, 2020
New Wood Fence Installations thumbnail image
If you are thinking about having a New Fence built on your property, we have been very successful in Victoria helping people SAVE money on their Fenci...
Victoria Area
Ad Id:29592940
Posted:June 20, 2017
TECA Inspection Services - For Completion of Ventilation Checklist thumbnail image
For anyone building a new home in Victoria that requires a TECA Ventilation Checklist Form to be filled out, stamped & signed off on prior to getting ...
Ad Id:32556019
Posted:November 4, 2018
Excellent Used Dryer's -  Just Like New thumbnail image
For anyone interested in a top condition used Dryer that you will not have to worry have come to the right place to save yourself some mon...
Victoria Area
Ad Id:32097565
Posted:August 1, 2018
Top Notch Drywall Service & Repair thumbnail image
For anyone in Victoria looking to get a new Drywall Project done or any kind of Drywall Repair as sure have spotted the right ad ! This in...
Victoria Area
Ad Id:29456670
Posted:May 26, 2017
High Quality Texturing of Ceilings & Walls thumbnail image
Hello Victoria, & if you are looking to have some texturing done on any Ceilings or Walls in the future, we definetly think you have spotted the right...
Victoria Area
Ad Id:34788285
Posted:October 19, 2019
Excellent Used Apartment Sized Stoves thumbnail image
We are located in Victoria, but If you are looking to purchase an excellent used Apartment Sized Stove for your home or rental suite...we believe we h...
Nanaimo Area
Ad Id:32097673
Posted:August 1, 2018
Whirlpool Coin Operated Washer & Dryer - Newer Style thumbnail image
We are located in Victoria & this ad goes out to all Nanaimo Landlords who may be interested in a great used set of a Coin Operated Washer & Dryer, ma...
Ad Id:32097712
Posted:August 1, 2018
New Roofing Services & Repair thumbnail image
For anyone looking to get a NEW Ashphalt Roof Installed in the near future, you need not look any further ! We are Bonded & Fully Insured to save...
Victoria Area
Ad Id:30393763
Posted:August 3, 2017
Frigidaire Stainless Steel Stove -  Self Clean & Just Like New thumbnail image
For anyone in Victoria that is in need of a great used Stainless Steel Regular Sized Stove, you won't want to pass up this excellent value opportunity...
Victoria Area
Ad Id:32401189
Posted:October 1, 2018
Torch On Roofing Specialist thumbnail image
For anyone in Victoria looking to have a Torch On Roof or Shed installed in the near future, look no further ! We have become real experts over the...
Victoria Area
Ad Id:35695768
Posted:April 23, 2020
Frigidaire White Convection Oven/Stove  - Just Like New thumbnail image
For anyone interested in a very nice "Re-Furbished" Frigidaire All White Regular Sized 'Convection Oven" Stove, you simply can't go wrong with this on...
Victoria Area
Ad Id:34912228
Posted:November 12, 2019
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If you have had any fallen Trees come down recently on your property & you need them removed, then please give us a call for a FREE quote ! We are...
Ad Id:29735136
Posted:July 13, 2017
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