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All categories Victoria Area
MuralsBC (13)
Wall art on wood made in Victoria thumbnail image
❤️ Available Painting On Wood ❤️ A sweet painting fresh off the easle... I'm totally loving how the wood grains blend perfectly with the sea and shor...
Ad Id:39958323
Posted:February 25, 2023
Rainbow wall art on wood thumbnail image
Painted on spruce wood with acrylics and with hues of umber, grey, blue, soft mauve, charcoal and natural wood. This original painting measures 48"x16...
Ad Id:40100347
Posted:May 26, 2023
Vancouver Island wall decor thumbnail image
Vancouver Island... Created on 1" inch thick reclaimed cedar sourced from the Island and saved from becoming firewood. 43" by 15" This art comes si...
Ad Id:40498800
Posted:December 27, 2023
Wall art shelf on wood original handmade in Esquimalt Victoria BC thumbnail image
***Custom made to order*** Original one of a kind art wall shelf with 3D elements of added beach drift from Vancouver Island. No two will be exactly a...
Ad Id:40224368
Posted:July 26, 2023
Wall mural original thumbnail image
❤️Available Large canvas mural ❤️ This painting is very large and suitable for a big wall. (see comments for pictures) Painted on wrapped canvas wit...
Ad Id:39952740
Posted:February 20, 2023
Live edge wall art on reclaimed maple thumbnail image
Available live edge owl on maple. Made in Esquimalt Victoria, BC. This wall art on reclaimed spalted maple is engraved and hand painted. Sized at 18"...
Ad Id:39996011
Posted:March 23, 2023
Reclaimed wood wall art thumbnail image
Available spalted maple wall art... This painting is a one of a kind... Painted with hues of natural spalted maple wood tones and charcoal. Painted o...
Ad Id:39994340
Posted:March 22, 2023
Slate pet memorials with stand thumbnail image
We custom make these 3.50"-4" slate memorials of your furry loved one. Handmade with love in our Esquimalt studio. These timeless memorials come wit...
Ad Id:40487705
Posted:December 19, 2023
Slate memorials handmade in Esquimalt thumbnail image
❤️ We custom make these 4" inch slate memorials of your loved one. Great forever gift for couples, family members, parents or pets. Handmade with lo...
Ad Id:40487692
Posted:December 19, 2023
Wall art on wood thumbnail image
***Custom made to order*** Handmade in Esquimalt, Victoria BC. Engraved and hand painted on spruce wood. This art comes signed, clear coated and read...
Ad Id:39941319
Posted:February 12, 2023
Original farmhouse rustic coffee table thumbnail image
Well the rustic coffee table is completed... I'm really finding this quite charming 😊 Functional art with all it's reclaimed wood perfections. 47" x...
Ad Id:40121901
Posted:June 6, 2023
Pet memorials on slate made in Victoria thumbnail image
We custom make these 4" inch slate memorials of your furry loved one. *** Available in round or square *** Handmade with love in our Esquimalt studi...
Ad Id:40510177
Posted:January 4, 2024
Handmade wood wall art thumbnail image
Handmade wall art on wood. Made in Victoria, British Columbia Canada. Hand painted with acrylics on spruce wood, with added beach drift from Vancou...
Ad Id:40510171
Posted:January 4, 2024
MuralsBC profile image
Mario Labonte
Original wall art on wood for your home or business. Made locally in Victoria. Canada wide shipping. Website Http:// Facebook Https://