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Hub City Tires (94)
4- 185/60R15"Tires thumbnail image
Set, Kumho Solus, first 350 takes the set. Mounts and balances available on site. Includes a Free steering and brake check and a 90 day warranty again...
Ad Id:29570252
Posted:June 15, 2017
Set: Nice 195/60R15"Tires thumbnail image
We have a nice set of Infinity 195/60R15 Radials. First 350 bucks takes them. We can also get new ones for from 457.75. Pre paid orders, 3 day turn a...
Ad Id:29326522
Posted:May 3, 2017
Set: 215/65R15"Tires thumbnail image
Nice set, all season Radials, 215/65R15, first 350 takes the set. mounts and balances available on site, and if we m n b we guarantee them for 90 da...
Ad Id:24612399
Posted:March 13, 2015
480X8 tRAILER tIRES thumbnail image
Good, used 480X8" on 4 bolt rims, load range B, 590 pound each. 50 bucks each takes them. [ sold out] New Carlisle's [no rim] available from 48.33. m...
Ad Id:36288621
Posted:August 24, 2020
guaranteed good used tires thumbnail image
Mounts and balances available on site. Many, many other sizes available in new as well as good used. 195/65R15 GT radial icepro3. 90%. 4. Studded....
Ad Id:39566857
Posted:June 6, 2022
Pair 875R16.5 Radials/singles/ & a set too thumbnail image
We have a pair of made in the usa 875R16.5 radials, 90+% tread remaining. first 450 takes the pair. sold 875r16.5 pair. 80% tread remaining. 250 for...
Ad Id:28025092
Posted:August 17, 2016
new stock thumbnail image
Mounts and balances available on site.Many other sizes available, new as well as good used tires. 235/35R19 contisportcontact 5P. 4. 60%. 265/35R20...
Ad Id:39079578
Posted:August 2, 2021
Odds N Sods New Tire Blow Out Sale thumbnail image
Odds and Sods NEW Tire BLOWOUT SALE 1- 195/60R15" Dunlop 99 bucks, sold 4-185/65R15 Kumho's, 400 takes a set. [sold] 4-195/60R15" Falken's 500 tak...
Ad Id:32704284
Posted:December 8, 2018
new and good used tires thumbnail image
Mounts and balances available on site. Tues-fri 10am-7 pm, sat 10-4 Many other tires available. 195/55R16 Michelin winters 70%. 4. 265/70R17 Good...
Ad Id:39730627
Posted:September 27, 2022
New 13/14" SINGLE Tires thumbnail image
Brand NEW and new takeoffs. SINGLES ONLY 13" and 14", in stock only, . Clearance priced @ 100 bucks each, on your wheels and balanced. Taxs extra. ...
Ad Id:26983259
Posted:March 2, 2016
This weeks new stock thumbnail image
Mounts and balances available on site. Many other sizes available. tues-fri 10am-7pm. sat 10-4 ST205/75R15 supercargo. 60%. 3. 235/35R19 Miche...
Ad Id:38969543
Posted:June 7, 2021
Shop Compressor/wheel balancer/tire machines thumbnail image
Older setup. Curtis, [made in Canada] 60 gallon conventional tank, 3 HP 220 volt, single phase motor, works great. SOLD 60 gallon, upright, rebuilt ...
Ad Id:30328912
Posted:July 24, 2017
60 gallon shop compressor thumbnail image
60 gallon, upright tank shop compressor. rebuilt pump, new American made motor. 220 single phase. Ready to go. also, parts. tanks, pumps and motors....
Ad Id:36783212
Posted:November 10, 2020
F250 thumbnail image
1980 F-250, low mileage, 302, auto trans, 2 wheel drive, newer box, runs great. Winterized. Good brakes. Rigged for camper and pulling a trailer. 10 p...
Ad Id:39967389
Posted:March 3, 2023
busy tire shop thumbnail image
wanted red seal mechanic and another tire tech. also, trainee/helper
Ad Id:40057318
Posted:May 1, 2023
New 205/60R15" Tires thumbnail image
New 205/60R15" all season tires. List @ 182 each, clearance priced @ $540, a set, While they last. Sold out. We can still get all season radial tir...
Ad Id:18395256
Posted:October 25, 2012
16.5"Tires thumbnail image
Mounts and balances available on site. Many other sizes available Tues-Fri 10AM -7pm., Sat. 10-4 couple of 875x 16.5, one bias ply, one radial, ...
Ad Id:35451047
Posted:February 28, 2020
Set: 195/60R15 All Weather Tires thumbnail image
We have a nice set of All Weather Tires, first 400 takes the set. also available, new tires, from 155.00 each. pre paid order. 3 day turn around. Mou...
Ad Id:28652388
Posted:December 16, 2016
give a gift that adds safety to someone you care abouts life thumbnail image
Pre pay, we'll keep them in stock until after and mount and balance them, and start the warranty [ 90 days, against defects and road hazard] from the ...
Ad Id:36897048
Posted:December 8, 2020
New Tires/ Clearance Prices thumbnail image
265/70R17" AT's price, 700 a set. [sold out] 265/75R16" At's 800 a set. [sold out] 235/65R17" AT's. 700 a set. [sold out] 235/70R16" Kumho all weat...
Ad Id:29339560
Posted:May 5, 2017
new, single tires, on sale thumbnail image
Brand new singles. 305/35R21 Michelin pilot alpine 5 SUV. New. 1. 295/35R21 Michelin latitude sport 3. New. 1. 295/35R21 pirelli scorpion wint...
Ad Id:40148681
Posted:June 19, 2023
New 205/60R15" Tires thumbnail image
Brand new 205/60R15" radials, from 540 bucks a set, [ Taxs extra.] Mounts and balances available on site. Sold out. We can get more. Pre Paid orders...
Ad Id:17768963
Posted:July 22, 2012
Single NEW Tire Sale thumbnail image
We are over stocked on NEW and takeoffs SINGLES 13"-14" 75 each, and 15- 16" car tires 100 each, Lt and larger sizes 125 each. mounts and balances ava...
Ad Id:32658933
Posted:November 27, 2018
Clearance sale 175/70R13" all season or all weatherTires thumbnail image
Clearance sale, New, 175/70R13" all season 0r all weather [mountian and snowflake] radials, from 110 each. Taxs extra. mounts and balances available ...
Ad Id:17768945
Posted:July 22, 2012
New and good used tires thumbnail image
If you call us you can check our inventory and supply, pre pay with Cash, and ETransfer, and we will call you, within 3 days, for a one on one instal...
Ad Id:38857205
Posted:May 5, 2021
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