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All categories Victoria Area
Hiram Abiff (10)
Cedar Bottomless Cladded Cedar Planter thumbnail image
Artisan quality and made to last a lifetime. There are many variations of this style but the same system. This is 1” cedar all pre sealed before assem...
Ad Id:40334999
Posted:September 24, 2023
The Smoke House By: MakeStuff4U thumbnail image
Artisan quality build, not from plans rather built organically in its creation. Built to last a lifetime. Even has a old school cedar eavestrough. The...
Ad Id:40334949
Posted:September 24, 2023
Authentic English Style Lattice Panels thumbnail image
These are extremely finely finished panels. The openings come in 4x4 and 5x5. The 4x4 work out to a max height of 5’ and the 5x5 max at 6’. All wood ...
Ad Id:39583976
Posted:June 18, 2022
Fireplace Refacing & Remodelling thumbnail image
With 41 years experience it’s all art and detail now. Drop me a line for a free quote. And take a moment to look at our online media. Get me in now an...
Ad Id:39762219
Posted:October 17, 2022
Free Modern Arnis  Practice thumbnail image
Good day Have you ever loved something, a sport and it left your life many and mostly because life got busy. And as you consider the experience ...
Ad Id:39531338
Posted:May 14, 2022
Interlock Repair By: MakeStuff thumbnail image
Is your sidewalk separating, Has spots on your driveway pulled apart from the original work. Are stones on your housefacing in need of repair. Well d...
Ad Id:39756466
Posted:October 13, 2022
Pangaea Mirco Ledgestone Old English Style thumbnail image
After 40 years of stone it’s all art and detail now. I install the Mirco Ledgestone with Ardex x32. And waterproof my scratch coat with Ardex 8+9. I d...
Ad Id:39526807
Posted:May 11, 2022
Interlock Patio’s thumbnail image
After forty one years it’s all detail and art. Don’t mind smaller installations given l am a single proprietor. Drop me a line for a quote.
Ad Id:39521194
Posted:May 7, 2022
Flagstone, Slate, Mica Sidewalks & Patio’s thumbnail image
After 41 years of cutting stone it is all art and extreme detail. Heritage dry laid being a specialty. But remember to create something that will last...
Ad Id:39744740
Posted:October 6, 2022
Armageddon Gates thumbnail image
Extremely finally made gates. I realize they’re not for everyone given the time they take to make and their cost. Though they are created to last a li...
Ad Id:39737751
Posted:October 1, 2022
Hiram Abiff
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Hiram Abiff