Musician/Band Match Victoria Area
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Musician/Band Match Victoria Area
Reliable drummer wanted (Classic Rock covers of course, lol)

C'mon out.... Tryouts first week of March! Established classic rock band, with a handful of successful gigs under our belt, may be looking for an experienced reliable, committed weekly drummer with good meter and good attitude (team player). Victoria area. We are 55 ish age range. All ages welcome. We are intermediate players and we do this for fun. It's gotta be fun folks....If it's not, we're doin' it wrong....! We rehearse most weeks and try our best to play the songs close to the original studio recordings. This is not a jam band. We don't play originals...We're not that smart, lol. We have at least 3+ sets of songs down that we have performed multiple times in front of multiple audiences. That's about as fun as it gets for an intermediate band in this city! All of our tunes are, for the most part, dance-able, rock and roll that goes over well at almost any event. 70’s to 90’s era tunes mostly. We don’t play metal, rap, rolling stones or old worn out 50’s stuff…(usually we don't anyway) But....We are happy to play the worn out 70's / 80's and 90's stuff though.... because that's what most people want to hear and dance to. It's about what 'they' want, not what we want, lol. If this is of interest to you, and you don't take yourself too, too seriously, please make contact, with a bit of info about yourself. Then, we’ll book a studio and see where it goes… We'll work with you for however long it takes to get you up to speed......We'll start with 5 or 6 songs of your choice (from our list) and work them out slowly....No time pressure here! Don't worry......We don't do any 'super advanced' stuff..... We are not guaranteed time in this world folks. What are you waiting for?? Let's make some noise while we still can! At the current time, 3 of the band members are out of country....But, we won't let that stop us will we? So, we'll meet, greet and play with a substitute bass player. Running a band is soooo easy..... PLEASE REPLY WITH NAME AND PHONE NUMBER

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January 11, 2023
April 11, 2023
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