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$395 · Silver Pendant Bioelectric Shield at Wholesale Pricing

This is a STUNNING STERLING SILVER NECKLESS with a Secret benefit - Designed as a personal EMF shield, this attractive silver pendant encases a special matrix of crystals that refract a wide spectrum of EMF Frequencies. PROTECT YOURSELF from dangerous Electro-Magnetic Frequencies. Today we are bombarded with Electro Magnetic Radiation from a vast array of sources. Coming from every direction including from your own computer, tablet, cellphone or Wi-Fi, My wife died of cancer caused by exposure to EMF radiation. So I take this risk to human health very seriously. I have also done a bit of research about the issue. As a result of my own tragic experience, I became interested in any technologies that can protect us in any way from any of the negative impacts that EMF has on human beings. This is just one technology that happens to also be portable. This Shield can provide EMF protection where ever you go in your day. IT WORKS - I witnessed it being tested on a large sample. I was covering the show as a journalist and at the show it was demonstrated with Kinesiology tests on over 1000 visitors to the Green Living Show in Toronto. I was more than impressed to see 98% of subjects tested confirmed an immediate increase in resistant strength and a vast majority rated it as highly effective within a minute of putting it on! THE SECRET - This Beautiful Neckless apparently holds secret benefits - Designed as a personal EMF shield, this attractive silver pendant encases a special matrix of crystals that refract a wide spectrum of EMF Frequencies. SEE FOR YOURSELF - Watch a video about this amazing pendant here CELEBRITY CUSTOMERS - Andrew Weil, MD is an American celebrity doctor who is a physician, author, spokesperson, and broadly described guru of the alternative medicine industry endorses the Bioelectric Shield. Dr. Wayne Dyer has also endorsed the BioElectric Shield. I bought as many as were available at the time to make sure anyone in my circle would have access to this impressive invention. So you can take advantage of the fact I have overstocked and so for a limited time get hundreds off BioElectric Shield Pendants that can provide personal EMF Protection. Just Order before the end of the month to get a Wholesale Price with FREE SHIPPING BioElectric Shield made with Sterling Silver with a Satin finish and retails for $597 USD. now below wholesale at $397 CANADIAN (shipping included) The Polished finish retails for $650 USD. the silver is polished to a mirror-like finish now below wholesale at $425 CANADIAN (Shipping Included) Pick Up in Victoria or Our same day shipping means, in a few days you can be wearing yours! THERE IS A LIMITED QUANTITY AVAILABLE AT THIS PRICE GIVE Me A CALL NOW or SEND US A MESSAGE to order yours today! Call Toll-Free: (888) 844-3444 (ext. 7). Be safe, Be healthy and Be your best you can be!

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February 28, 2022
December 1, 2022
March 1, 2023
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