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$5 · Tarot and Oracle - Decks and Books-Large Collection - $5 & Up

Time to Down-Size The time has come when I must trim my tarot and oracle collection extensively. Please contact me for any detailed information you might want, although lots of info is available online. While the prices are already low compared to buying new, if you would like several decks, make a reasonable offer. Decks are like new; either lightly used or only opened, but not used. Between the two listings, you will find currently available decks and others that are either out of print, limited editions, or in one case, an unopened desirable 1st edition. All of these decks are genuine copies in support of the original authors and artists, unlike the many fake copies floating about the Internet. Please see my other ad listing decks by author and limited edition and/or out of print decks. $5 each DECKS: - Paris Tarot - Laura Pensar $5 each BOOKS: - The Tarot Trumps and The Holy Grail - Margaret Starbird - Marseille Tarot: Towards the Art of Reading - Camelia Elias - The Secret of the Tarot - Robert Swiryn $10 each TAROT DECKS: - Tarocchi di Giulietta e Romeo (Romeo and Juliet) - Luigi Scapini - Crystal Visions Tarot - Jennifer Galasso - Paulina Tarot - Paulina Cassidy - Tarot de la Nuit - Carole Anne Eschenazi, Alexandra V Bach - Illuminated Playing Cards - Caitlin Keegan - a combined tarot and playing card deck - Frida Kahlo Tarot - Frida Kahlo Corporation - Old English Tarot - Maggie Kneen - The Light and Shadow Tarot - Michael Goepferd and Brian William - The Tarot of Loka - Ralph Horsley and Alessio Cavatore $10 each ORACLE DECKS: - Angels and Ancestors Oracle Cards - Kyle Gray and Lily Moses - Sacred Destiny Oracle - Denise Linn - Karma Cards - Monte Farber - The Goddess Temple Oracle Cards - Sarah Perini and Elena Albanese - Mists of Avalon Oracle - Rose Inserra - Moonology Oracle Cards - Yasmin Boland $15 each TAROT and ORACLE DECK & BOOK SETS: - TATTOO TAROT: INK and INTUITION by Megamunden & Diana McMahon - Marseille style. - TAROT OF A.E. WAITE, deluxe Premium Edition - AGM Urania publication, king-sized cards, boxed with booklet. - THE MUSE TAROT by Chris-Anne. A beautiful production from Hay House. - 78 cards and guidebook - TAROT OF THE SIDHE - Emily Carding - 78 cards and guidebook - OSTARA TAROT - Eden Cooke, Krista Gibbard, Julia Iredale, and Molly Applejohn - 78 cards and guidebook - THE HERBCRAFTER’S TAROT - Latisha Guthrie and Joanna Powell Colbert - 78 gorgeous cards and guidebook - THE ENGLISH MAGIC TAROT - Rex Van Ryn, Steve Dooley and Andy Letcher - this deck arrived with slight damage to a couple of cards and the box interior, but it is very usable - boxed set of 78 cards and 160 page guidebook - SACRED SITES ORACLE CARDS - Barbara Meiklejohn-Free and Yuri Leitch - 53 card deck and 120 page guidebook $20 each DECK & BOOK SETS: - FOREST OF ENCHANTMENT TAROT - Lunaea Weatherstone and Meraylah Allwood - boxed set of 78 card deck and 240 page guidebook - THE ENCHANTED LOVE TAROT - Amy Zerner and Monte Farber - boxed set of 78 cards and 176 page guidebook - this is a pip deck of roses, seashells, gems, and butterflies - THE RELATIVE TAROT - Carrie Paris - this deck has been trimmed; now the size of a typical Lo Scarabeo deck andn much easier to handle - boxed set of 82 cards offering optional numbering for Strength and Justice cards, and optional Lovers cards with guidebook - ANNA K TAROT - Anna.K - boxed set of 78 cards and 240 page guidebook. $30 each DECK & BOOK SETS: - THE LITERARY WITCHES ORACLE by Taisia Kitaiskaia - 70 card deck with guidebook, PLUS the hardcover book by the same author LITERARY WITCHES: A CELEBRATION OF MAGICAL WOMEN WRITERS further info about each writer in the deck. $30 for the set. - THE RING CYCLE TAROT by Allegra Printz - boxed set based on Wagner’s opera “The Ring of the Nibelung” with illustrations adapted from Arthur Rackham’s based on the opera; book includes a scene by scene plot synopsis, PLUS the book WAGNER’S RING by M. Owen Lee; deck open but not used. $30 for the set. - THE MARY-EL TAROT, 2nd Edition by Marie White. Boxed set of 78 borderless cards and 192 pg guidebook. Exquisite, challenging artwork. $30. Cash only for all items. Please note that I will meet with you outside of my building under the overhang. Please wear a mask. These precautions are still needed. Please only contact me if you are okay with meeting with these precautions in place.

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July 18, 2022
January 16, 2023
April 16, 2023
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