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Paintings, Prints, Drawings & Photographs Victoria Area
$449 · 'Shining Koi' by HengYi Aisin-Gioro, Grand-niece of Last Emperor of China

Here is a very special piece of Chinese art. Rendered by a descendent of the royal family of the Qing dynasty, the colour literally jumps off the wall. Gold metal shines behind the koi, fluttering under clear water in a lotus-padded pond. Traditional pine and bamboo stems accent the shoreline of the water. This work has been beautifully framed - wood surround resembles bamboo grass. The frame measures 18" high by 17" wide. Three artist's "chops" are present beside the inscription. The piece is signed in Chinese script. "Hengyi Aisin-Gioro is a well-known Chinese artist. She is a descendant of the royal family of the Qing Dynasty, a background that gave her access to the court tradition in painting and opportunities to see numerous famous paintings held in the imperial court at a very early age to lay a very good foundation for her artistic talent. Growing up, she was lucky enough to have the care of the last emperor Puyi and Puyi’s brother Pujie, who introduced her to such great figures in Chinese painting as Hu Shuang-an (a disciple of one of the greatest modern Chinese painter Chang Tai-chien), Qi Liang-chi (Son of the great Chinese painter Chi Pai-shi) and Gao Song-lu (disciple of the great painter Wang Xue-tao), each patronized her and passed her the special techniques of their own. Thus, Hengyi transcended the court tradition in Chinese painting and formed a unique style of her own. Over the years, Hengyi has the honor of holding personal exhibitions in many countries and regions, such as China, USA, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, etc., and received enthusiastic comments from artists and critics in these countries. Several museums have added her artwork to their collections. Her works have also won various awards, both national and international." This koi-inspired painting actually has a cross-cultural appeal. The beauty and serenity of these special fish is universally appreciated. This piece has been viewed and informally valuated by a respected Vancouver art gallery. It is well-priced at $449. Please call 250 658-0587 to view.

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April 13, 2022
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April 12, 2023
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